Building Family Connections Training
February 28 - March 1, 2018
Austin, Texas

Become a Certified BFC Facilitator
Learn to Teach a
Sexual Health Curriculum
to Parenting Adults for
Safe, Smart, and Strong Youth

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In This Training  We Discuss...

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The goal of BFC Training is to build the capacity of our facilitators by:

About Building Family Connections™

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

The Building Family Connections program was developed in consultation with a six - person Expert Panel. The panel consisted of a curriculum writer, community and faith - based educators, behavioral change specialist, parent - child connection researcher, and a professional development expert. The panel selected the concepts for the essential content of the curriculum and the elements needed for successful program implementation in a variety of communities and settings.

During the development process, the curriculum was reviewed by the CDC Division of Adolescent School Health (DASH), Expert Panel members, and the HIV Materials Review Panel. These experts provided insightful revisions and suggested changes to improve the curriculum. The curriculum was successfully piloted with diverse audiences in Washington DC, El Paso, TX, and Houston, TX. Feedback from the participants was used to improve the content and delivery of the curriculum .

The focus of the Building Family Connections program is to increase the knowledge of community - based organization (CBO) and faith - based organization (FBO) staff regarding scientific evidence for the role of parents in decreasing HIV risk behaviors in youth. The program also aims to increase CBO/FBO staff skills to effectively train parenting adults (parents, adult family members, caregivers, teachers, youth leaders and mentors) to connect and communicate with as well as to supervise and monitor youth regarding risk behaviors. Finally, the program will encourage CBO/FBO leadership to value the importance of parental influence on youth risk behavior and incorporate this paradigm into sustainable long - term strategies.

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